Kurtin Commercial Temporary walls service installer....

Do you have a construction business and struggle to work when pedestrians are nearby?
Do you want to partition your offices?

Kurtin Commercial can solve these problems for you. We specialize in temporary walls for construction use so that you are able to keep all of your mess away from passers-by. We also offer temporary office walls if you need to create separate offices. Kurtin Commercial also offers services to; airports, museums, trade shows, and for retail purposes too. To find out more visit our YouTube page her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSqXJsZAiE0.

5 Reasons…Why should I use a temporary wall?

1. You can rest assured that Kurtin Commercial will save you all of the hassle and worry that a pedestrian may get hurt by any debris or construction materials as they pass by. It gives you and your workers privacy, and also you will always know where all of your tools and materials are.

2. If you’re looking to buy for office use, you’ll be delighted to know that these walls are also soundproof, so there will be no more disturbances in the office. You won’t have to get a building permit, because the structures are self contained and do not contribute to the building structure itself (although it is best to check with your landlord or your building code, for example if working with Glass Bong then our product might not be the best choice).


3. Our walls are made from high quality, fire resistant materials (the same ones high quality tables are made from. We offer light aluminum temporary walls and PVC panel sections or Vinyl Laminated. All of which are easy to keep clean and advertising on these walls are permitted, which also means you will generate extra income. We offer a range of colors to choose from, and also have temporary walls that can be used both inside and outside, so you’re sure to find the wall that you are after. Our temporary walls can be used again and again, saving the environment from constant dry walls being removed, and also saving your company money! We have some customers, who over ten years after first purchasing one of our walls, are still using it!

4. If you’re using our service for trade show exhibits or modular displays partition, then we can offer a dirt resistant, aluminum display unit for your needs. These constructions are also really easy to put together, not requiring any skilled professional to come and do it for you. Our decorations are exquisite as you can see on the main site and in this video.

5. Double Deckers are also available, meaning you’re able to take your customers into a private room to discuss your sales, or even view the product you are selling to them from above, meaning they’re able to see it from all angles. Or you could use the two story exhibit to display even more of your products without the need to take up any more floor space.
So not only are we saving you money in the long haul, we’re saving you time and energy from putting up and ripping down dry walls, we’re helping towards our environment by creating temporary walls that can be used time after time and our walls are made from materials that aren’t at risk of catching fire, and can be painted/advertised on.

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